Do You Have a Hidden Hormone Imbalance?


Welcome! If you’ve taken a moment to search out my webpage, you probably aren’t feeling like your best self right now, and you are seeking answers and relief. Maybe you’ve gained weight, or can’t sleep, or your lack of energy or interest in sex is hurting your relationship.

Maybe you’ve been chalking it all up to your age – but you’re not that old! Perhaps you’ve tried a cleanse, a new exercise routine, or a diet that really doesn’t suit your lifestyle and the belly fat still won’t budge.  Chances are good that you have tried to get relief from traditional medicine or anti-depressants and ended up with more side effects than symptoms. Nothing you do seems to work despite your best efforts, and you suspect that something more fundamental is going on. Something to do with shifting hormones. If any of this sounds familiar you’ve come to the right place!











As a hormone health educator, I can take you to the next level of understanding how hormones impact your every motion and emotion, and how imbalances identified through testing match up with the specific symptoms you’ve been experiencing. In the space between detecting and correcting the hidden imbalances that  sabotage our health and well-being, self-directed care and responsibility for one’s own hormonal balance is vital. Take it from me – if you are experiencing a myriad of symptoms from hot flashes to mood swings and more, this is NOT a prozac deficiency.

This is my mission: to educate and empower you to direct your own path towards balance using test results as a guide, viable self-care options, and natural hormone therapies. That can mean everything from lifestyle improvements in diet, sleep, exercise, and stress management, to the judicious use of high quality over-the-counter vitamin mineral and herbal supplements, and if needed, bioidentical hormone therapies tailored to your individual needs.







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